Exploiting technological solutions for the cultural heritage: collaborative models and practices to reach the market

Webinar: Exploiting technological solutions for the cultural heritage: collaborative models and practices to reach the market
Organizers: Center for Colloids and Surface Science (CSGI), Airi
Date: Thursday, September, 17th, 2020 – 11.00-12.30
Place: online @NanoInnovation 2020 Conference & Exhibition

Cultural Heritage (CH) is an invaluable resource for the European society and economy, and it can be a major driver towards a sustainable economy model. However, the full valorization and fruition of this patrimony strictly depends on its accessibility, long-term preservation, and efficient maintenance.

Works of art are continuously endangered by various degradation processes: the growing increase of natural hazards associated with climate changes producing more frequent and intense cloudbursts and floods, combined with the effects of soil, environmental factors and atmospheric pollutants, all result in continuous detrimental processes that can severely alter the readability and durability of artefacts.

Traditional preventive and interventive conservation measures are largely inadequate to cope with preservation risks, and with the increasing demand for accessibility and fruition of cultural heritage in Europe. They are usually time-consuming, with limited efficacy and selectivity, potential issues of safety, sustainability, and long-term compatibility with the substrates. Most of interventions are currently realized using conventional materials (not specifically designed for the CH), and strongly relying on conservator’s ability and experience (case-by-case approach).

A holistic approach is necessary to deal with the growing challenge of conservation, especially when most of the global Heritage is threatened by detrimental processes and events triggered by current environmental change, and pressure for increased fruition and access in terms of visitors.
A full exploitation of some recently developed solutions/technologies for conservation is a fundamental step for the achievement of the above-mentioned strategic objectives. The workshop will report on successful examples of such a process.

The session will be held online (webinar) and is organized by the Center for Colloids and Surface Science (CSGI), in cooperation with the Italian Association for Industrial Research (Airi).

Info available at: www.nanoinnovation.eu (link).

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