Advanced Materials and Technologies for Sustainability

Webinar: Advanced Materials and Technologies for Sustainability
Organizers: Polytechnic of Turin, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia – IIT, Center for Sustainable Future Technologies
Date: Sep 17th, (14.00-15.30) (Industrial part) e (Sep 17th, 16.00-17.30) (Academic part).
Place: online @NanoInnovation 2020 Conference & Exhibition

This session gathers contributions from the academic and industrial world related to materials for innovative CO2 capturing and water treatment processes and novel CO2 valorization techniques. Achieve a breakthrough in the development of novel technologies for a sustainable future. Membranes, as an applicative example, are fundamental elements for water purification and CO2 separation plants, but their usage is also widespread in fuel cells, batteries and “blue energy” harvesting systems.

Notwithstanding their large technological relevance, currently employed membranes suffer from many drawbacks and a further breakthrough in this field would require the use of innovative materials and in some cases complete membrane redesign. Several studies highlighted that nanomaterials have the potential to achieve a breakthrough in membranes performances, increasing membrane resistance (mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance) and lifetime, and enhance membrane selectivity. Once captured CO2 can be employed as valuable raw material to obtain value-added fuels and chemicals through photo/electrochemical reduction (CO2RR). The key challenge for this application is to develop highly selective, stable, efficient, environmental-friendly and inexpensive photo/electrocatalysts.

The session is organized by Polytechnic of Turin and Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, in cooperation with the Italian Association for Industrial Research (Airi).

The session will be held online (webinar) in two parts, the first (Sep 17th, 14.00-15.30) with a focus on industrial application and the second (Sep 17th, 16.00-17.30) on basic and applied research activities.

Info available at: (link).

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