Airi / Nanotec IT

Airi/Nanotec IT is the national focal point for the activity in the field of nanotechnologies and the other Key Enabling Technologies (KETs).
Its aim is to promote the development and the application of KETs as a tool to strengthen the competitive position of the industrial system of the Country. The promotion of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is one of the pillars of its action.
KETS – Key Enabling Technologies: nanotechnologies, micro and nano-electronic, photonic, advanced materials, industrial biotechnologies, advanced production systems.

History and Mission

Airi/Nanotec IT has been created in 2003 by Airi – Italian Association for Industrial Research – as Italian Center for Nanotechnologies, a technological division that since its start has worked in close cooperation with industrial enterprises, public and private research organizations, Universities, government bodies, associations, to promote nanotechnologies and their applications.
Pivotal to its activity has always been the collection and dissemination of information through the organization of events and the preparation of documents, reports and position papers, the promotion of cooperation between industry and public research, international cooperation, namely with its participation to cooperative European projects.
In order to render more effective its action in relation to the evolution of the scenario of Key Enabling Technologies, in 2014 Airi/Nanotec IT became the Permanent Committee for the Study and the Development of Nanotechnologies and KETs maintaining the same scope and activities.
For its work, AIRI/Nanotec IT participates to national and international technical tables or working groups dealing with KETs.
In particular:

  • Ente Italiano di Unificazione – UNI (Italian Standard Body), TG U22 Nanotechnologies;
  • NanoOSH Network: WG INAIL safety of nanomaterials in the working place;
  • National Table on REACH, WG nanomaterials;
  • Assobiotec, WG NanoBiotechnologies;
  • Federchimica, WG NanoStewardShip;
  • Alliance for Materials Italia (A4MIT).

Airi/Nanotec IT has also a long lasting, strong relationship and cooperation with:

  • OECD WPMN (Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials) and OECD WPN (Working Group on nanotechnology);
  • Italian Trade and Investment Agency (ICE); Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI); Ministry of Economic Development (MISE).


Cornerstones of Airi/Nanotec IT activity are:

  • Monitoring and assessment of situation and trends of R&D and application of KET;
  • Elaboration of technological scenarios, to identify players, areas of interest, opportunities, needs and priorities;
  • Evaluation of the impact on the National productive fabric, to contribute to elaborate appropriate National policies and strategies for R&I;
  • Contribution to define the guidelines to address regulation, safety, ethical-social impact of RD&I, to foster RRI;
  • Promotion of stakeholder’s dialogue;
  • Improvement of public-private collaboration;
  • International cooperation, in particular participation to European cooperative projects;
  • Communication and dissemination of information.